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kedai kurma

Dates, known as kurma in Malaysia, have transcended their status as a delicious fruit to become a cultural icon. From festive celebrations to everyday snacking, kurma holds a special place in Malaysian hearts. But beyond the enjoyment lies a thriving industry that generates a multitude of job opportunities. This blog post delves into the exciting […]

Malaysian dates

  The Thriving Trade of Malaysian Dates in the Middle East Malaysian dates have established a strong presence in the Middle East, with a thriving trade that is fueled by cultural and economic ties. In this blog post, we will explore the key markets for the country’s dates in the Middle East, examining the trade […]

Kurma Ajwa Borong

  Understanding Kurma Ajwa Borong Kurma Ajwa Borong refers to the wholesale purchasing of Ajwa dates, a premium variety of dates highly sought after for their taste and nutritional value. Ajwa dates are particularly popular among consumers due to their unique flavor, soft texture, and numerous health benefits. In Malaysia, where dates are widely consumed, […]

Malaysian dates



Pembekal Kurma and the Malaysian Date Scene


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Pembekal kurma, the Malay term for date suppliers, are the backbone of Malaysia’s vibrant date scene. These import specialists source a dazzling array of dates from around the world, ensuring Malaysians can enjoy these delicious and nutritious fruits throughout the year. But with so many varieties adorning kedai kurma (date shops) shelves, a question often […]