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Ajwa Dates – A Delicious & Nutritious Gift


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Ajwa is a sweet, spicy and aromatic Indian fruit which is widely cultivated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and is also known as dates. Ajwa is a brand of unripe, dry and unripe dates which is divided into two categories-distilled and pulpy. These dates are juicy, sweet and very aromatic which can be eaten as an […]


Dates fruit from Malaysia is quite simply considered a local specialty fruit, which can only be grown within its range. But even so, they do occasionally come in shipments from other parts of Asia. The fruit itself, although a tough, hardy vine, is also quite fragile. It will break down quite easily when picked, but […]


Most of the Indian suppliers sell the finest dates available. They also buy other types of dates, including jalebis, rums, soaks, and pakoras. These dates are used not only for making dates, but they are also used to make a variety of preserves and candies, such as jellies, cakes, cookies, pastries and pies. A number […]


Kurma Wholesale is a leading wholesale importer of Asian fruits, including mangoes, water melon, papaya, melon, and other juicy and perky fruits. The company prides itself on its “no-frills approach to wholesaling” by providing a wide selection of quality fruits at reasonable prices. The fruit selections include fresh fruits, dried fruits, and dried fruits in […]


If you wish to have delicious date variety in your menu, then it is a good idea to have dates in your fridge. They are one of nature’s perfect fruit and they offer umpteen varieties to enjoy in your menu. Though there are numerous ways of preparing delicious dates, but if you are not having […]