Kurma Wholesale Malaysia – A Unique and Delicious Date Palm!

October 9, 2021 , kurma

Kurma Wholesale is a leading wholesale importer of Asian fruits, including mangoes, water melon, papaya, melon, and other juicy and perky fruits. The company prides itself on its “no-frills approach to wholesaling” by providing a wide selection of quality fruits at reasonable prices. The fruit selections include fresh fruits, dried fruits, and dried fruits in a variety of flavors. Kurma carries leading brands such as Mandura & Mandura, bananas from Belize, and sweet potatoes from the tiny country of Gurung, Bhutan.

The company’s focus on producing premium, fully-quality mango products has earned it the reputation among local consumers as one of the best sources for good, fresh fruits. According to Kurma Wholesale Malaysia sales consultant Lim Pin San, “Kurma’s fresh fruits attract customers because of their exotic colors and superior quality. Customers also appreciate that they are not subject to any age-old convention of storing them inside a refrigerator.” According to the company’s marketing and promotional coordinator, Yap Teer, “The traditional way of preserving these fruits is by wrapping them in aluminum foil and putting them in a plastic bag. But we found that this age-old method is not effective because they spoil faster.”

The company believes that by using a process called “drying flat filtration”, they can produce an assortment of premium-quality Kurma wholesale Malaysia with very low costs. The plan is simple. The manufacturer packs the fruit in waxed paper and covers it with a heavy duty tag. Then they tie it on a metal stick and roll it to remove air. The resulting product is a cool piece of string. The length of the string is dependent upon how many date palms are being produced.

The Kurma tree produces a large crop of juicy, red, highly colored fruits during the year. Each small bunches of fruit is coated with a sweet, sticky black “sour” that comes from the blood of the date palm. This sour taste attracts customers who are watching their sugar intake closely. The high sugar content of the fruit encourages them to eat more, which in turn increases their body’s need for insulin, which raises their blood sugar level and causes them to gain weight.

The company has developed its own process for drying the Medjool dates so it is sure to produce excellent quality Kurma all year round. They believe this helps improve the quality of the dates with every harvest. This is the reason why the company uses the most advanced equipment and methods for drying.

The company offers several varieties, each with its own distinctive taste. The most popular product is the traditional white, brown, and red variety of dates. The best sellers are the dark colored, Ajwa, and Medjool dates. All the dates come in a rich golden brown color, have a slight bitter taste, and are sweeter than the lighter colored fruits.

Kurma dates are also known as dactylifera, which is what gives them their name. This is a species of tropical fruit that grows on palms and is native to Malaysia. These fruits are about one inch in diameter and have a deep red, orange, or yellow color. These fruits have been described as having a consistency similar to that of an apple seed, but with a somewhat stronger, sweeter taste. They are sweet in taste and offer a unique nutty flavor when they are plucked from the trees.

Due to their popularity, the Kurma dates are available at wholesale prices and are widely distributed throughout the country. Many local manufacturers purchase large quantities of these fruits and sell them through wholesale to retailers, local merchants, as well as to other distributors. Because of the limited area of wild date palms and the fact that these fruits ripen too quickly, it is impossible for retailers to harvest these products on a regular basis. However, the demand for Kurma dates from other parts of the world keeps the price of this exotic fruit at a competitive level.