Tips on How to Locate Date Fruits Suppliers in Malaysia

November 27, 2021 , dates fruit


Finding fresh fruits and dates in Malaysia is not that easy. In fact, it is quite challenging. There are only a few localities in Malaysia that have the required climates to grow fresh fruits on a daily basis. The majority of the localities suffer from extremely hot summers and excessively humid winters.

Therefore, finding suitable dates in these areas can be really difficult. These people who are experts in farming produce rarely venture out into these regions. This is because they want to ensure that their produce does not spoil before it gets to customers.

However, there are some ways by which you can get dates in rural Malaysia without having to travel too far. One option would be to contact some local growers and suppliers. These suppliers will be able to tell you where you can find fresh fruits and dates in your area. If they cannot give you reliable information or they are unwilling to pass on the information you require, then your other option would be to look for suppliers online. Some suppliers do not even charge delivery charges when they ship their products to your house.

Before you start contacting these suppliers, you must first know what date products are in demand in your area. For example, watermelon and limes are widely in season during July and August. You can find excellent watermelon and limes at any local market during these months. But, if you do not have watermelon or limes at home, then your best bet would be to look for suppliers who offer date products that come in small bunches. These bunches are easy to package and are cheap when compared with large quantities of dates.

Your next step should be to identify the varieties of dates available from the suppliers in your area. There are several varieties of fruits available in varying colors and flavors. Do your research properly and identify which ones are in peak season in your area. There are some suppliers who also offer other fruits such as pears, peaches, melons and mangoes. In this case, all you will have to do is select one type of fruit and order it.

You may also get a discount when you purchase bulk quantities of date from a single supplier. Most suppliers in Malaysia offer discounts if you order the date products in bulk. You could easily get 50% off the price when you order these products in bulk. Another way of getting discounts on your date procurement is by using coupons. Some manufacturers issue coupons periodically for various reasons.