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November 9, 2022 , dates fruit, healthy food

Why should we eat calcium rich foods?

Calcium is the most important mineral that must be supplied to the human body. Its balanced intake leads to maintaining the health of bones and teeth. Of course, along with calcium, vitamin D is also necessary.

These two should be brought to the body together. If the body is faced with a lack of calcium, problems such as the following may occur:


Osteoporosis (calcium acts as a pore filler to prevent osteoporosis)

Brittle bones with even the slightest injury

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

Disruption of hormone secretion

causing problems for muscle tissues such as difficulty in muscle contraction

Even the problem of losing weight

Introducing the best calcium foods

In order to protect the body from the effects of calcium deficiency, it is necessary to learn about food sources rich in calcium.

Of course, when it comes to food sources containing calcium, many people introduce dairy products. But all kinds of dairy products cause digestion problems for some people due to the presence of lactose.

  1. Nuts with calcium

Nuts with calcium

Some types of nuts are considered to be one of the calcium-rich foods that are very useful for the body. But in between, some options are better than others. Pay attention to the following:


  1. Almonds are one of the excellent sources of calcium. By consuming half a cup of almonds per day, 183 mg of calcium is delivered to the body, which provides 18% of the body’s daily need for calcium.


  1. Brazil nuts are another useful source that provides 213 mg of calcium to the body by consuming half a cup of it. In fact, it provides 21% of the body’s need for calcium.


  1. Soya and soy products

Another calcium-rich food is soy. Even soy products contain calcium. Pay attention to the following:


  1. In addition to providing calcium to the body, soy milk is a very useful source because it does not contain fat. One cup of soy milk contains 60 mg of calcium, which provides 6% of the body’s need for calcium.


  1. Soy nuts are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It also provides a lot of iron and fiber to the body. Consuming half a cup of soy nuts provides the body with 131 mg of calcium, which provides about 13% of the body’s daily requirement.


  1. Tofu is a cheese made from soybeans. The size of a can of dried tofu matches provides about 100 mg of calcium to the body, which provides 10% of the body’s daily calcium requirement.