Recipes For A Detox Diet Plan – Leading Rated Recipes

November 4, 2022 , dates fruit, healthy food

Foods with an average glycemic index

Foods with an average glycemic index, i.e. 56-69, include rye bread and raisin bran cereals.

People should eat less foods with a medium glycemic index.




Menu and sample recipes

Here is an example of a low glycemic daily meal plan:

Breakfast: boiled eggs with smoked salmon

Lunch: black bean soup

Dinner: lamb with barley, peas and mint

Snack: spicy harissa with chopped vegetables

Vegan sample

Here is an example of a low glycemic vegan meal plan:

Breakfast: Chia pudding

Lunch: rice and sweet corn salad with blueberries and pecans

Dinner: vegetarian pearl couscous with grilled vegetables

Snack: roasted soybeans

Other options for breakfast

Here are some breakfast recipes to try:

A bowl of pawpaw

An acai bowl

Buckwheat pancakes with berries

Black beans, spinach and mushrooms


Other options for lunch

Here are some examples for lunch:


Cooked rice with spices and roasted vegetables with lemon sauce

Pita salad with chicken and parsley

Pear with cumin, carrot, tofu and lentil strudel

Baked Salmon with Thai Grapefruit Rice Salad


Other options for dinner

Here are some examples for dinner:

Fried chicken with rice and peas

Beet, pumpkin and green beans with rice

Chopped tomatoes and penne

Pea curry with pumpkin and baby spinach

Other options for snacks

Here are some snacks to try:

Harissa hot sauce

A bar of seeds and nuts

Almond and raspberry mini cake

Strawberry yogurt crunch