The best time to consume dates

November 13, 2022 , dates fruit, healthy food


Approximately, the right time to consume dates is 7 days, in this case, its true taste and aroma will be preserved. Since the consumption time of dates is more than 7 days, but the best time to consume this fruit is 7 days. If you put dates in closed containers, in such a way that there is no air flow inside, you can keep this fruit for up to a month outside the refrigerator.


When you store dates, no matter how much time passes, the dates lose their flavor and aroma, and at the same time, sap accumulates at the bottom of the container, which gives the date an ugly face.

When you store dates, after some time the moisture on it dries and this moisture drying causes spots on the skin of the dates, which is called crystallization of date sugar.

In this case, you can melt the sugar crystals with a little heat. One of the most important ways to determine if a date is spoiled is that it emits a strong smell or that it has no flavor. This case shows the expiration date of dates.


Is it necessary to wash or peel Kurma Mazafati Shah Alam before consumption?

Dates, like other fruits, need to be washed before use. There are many germs and pollution in the groves. Since there has been a lot of dust in the west and southwest of the country in the last few years, it is necessary and necessary to shake the dates before consuming them. It is recommended to wash this fruit completely before using it, but there is no need to remove the skin.