Health Benefits Of Dried Fruit Baskets

October 29, 2022 , dates fruit, healthy food

As a snack, dates are full of energy that can be consumed on a daily basis and have a high amount of calories. Also, the presence of a significant amount of fiber has made this food a suitable option for improving the health of the digestive system. Also, the presence of many antioxidants in it helps to reduce the risk of various diseases and is effective in improving brain function.


Dates have a lot of fiber and sugar, which makes people more curious about how and when to consume them.


Below are recommendations on the best and worst time to consume dates.


Date sugar is not dangerous

Although dates are naturally rich in sugar, they do not raise blood sugar quickly. Therefore, you can consume 2-4 dates 30-60 minutes before training and physical activity because it provides energy for a longer period of time and gradually provides it to the body.


The presence of edible fiber in dates makes a person not feel hungry for a long time. So dates act as the best healthy snack and can even be consumed before going to bed.


You can benefit from the effect of dates in helping to eliminate intestinal worms to cleaning vital organs and improving the health of the heart and liver, and it is better to consume it early in the morning to provide the required energy.


Strengthening the immune system with dates

Also, since the consumption of dates is effective in losing weight, treating constipation, helping bone health, strengthening the immune system, improving brain and heart health, and even preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s or various types of cancer or other chronic diseases, experts They recommend daily consumption of dates as a snack so that a person feels full of energy.


In addition, dates are also effective for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes because they contain strong antioxidants that can reduce inflammation in the body and contain many polyphenols along with several other nutrients and compounds that help reduce resistance to Insulin helps. However, if you have diabetes, it is recommended to consult your doctor about this and the permissible amount of consumption before consuming dates.


An important point in eating dates for digestive problems

However, experts recommend that if a person has a problem with digestion, avoid eating dates immediately after a meal because its high fiber content makes it difficult to digest small chain carbohydrates and eventually leads to bloating.


Also, people who have a food allergy to dates or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) should avoid eating dates due to the high amount of fructose.