Eating the Most Popular Malaysian Desserts – Date Fruits

February 19, 2021 , kurma

The best time to eat Desserts or “Fruit” is during the month of October when the Desserts are available at all stores and outlets across Malaysia. Desserts such as Desserts Malaysia’s” Date Sun” are in abundance during this period of the year. A variety of Desserts are eaten during the Month of October like Desserts Malaysia’s” Date Bilang”. Some of the most famous Desserts in Malaysia, apart from the “Date Bilang” are:

“Date Satay” or” Date Sun”: This is a dish prepared using a variety of ingredients such as curry leaves, onions, sugar, garlic, cumin powder, salt and pepper. It is served with a sweet dish or a plain dessert. ” Date Sauter ” is a type of dessert that is made from wheat flour, dates and butter. It can also be served with dessert sauces.

” Date Satay ” is prepared by mixing cooked rice with ripe berries. ” Date Oyster ” is eaten from deep inside the earth. It is rich in Vitamin A and E. ” Date Nene ” is an unripe melon, green or yellow in color that is eaten on a daily basis in almost all the countries of earth. ” Date Roti ” is fried noodles, it is very popular in Northern part of Malaysia and Singapore.

“Date Saleh” is a fruit that is semi-ripe and contains an earthy taste. Its surface is reddish brown and has an oily feel when bitten. This fruit is used in a variety of dishes. In fact, it is consumed by many people in the world.

“Date Satay”. This is a type of fruit that contains dates. It is dried and unripe. It can be eaten as snacks throughout the day or enjoyed during late evenings in country hotels

“Date Nene”. This is a sweet red fruit that has a pleasant tropical flavor. It can be eaten alone or eaten together with rice.

“Date Saleh”. This fruit is a cross of two different fruits: the dates and kangaroo paw. The kangaroo paw will give the fruit its distinctive name. This is the most popular variety of Malaysia’s Date fruit.

The other two kinds are sweeter and therefore are eaten as snacks or enjoyed during meals. The best time to eat them is in the evening after dinner. They are also available year-round in country markets. They have a distinct tropical fruit flavor. The Malay version has a sweeter taste and is eaten either as a juice or in salads.

“Date Masam”. This fruit has a round, brown outer layer with yellowish shades inside and white edible seeds. They are slightly firm and hence can be eaten as snacks. They are mostly eaten together with peanut sauce.

“Date Tulip”. This is another common name for the Malaysia Date. It has a fleshy taproot that is much harder than the other types of Malaysia Date. It is eaten alone or eaten together with fruits like pears, mangoes or mandarins. It is harvested when the inner seeds drop off. The outer skin of the fruit remains as a hard capsule when it is ripe.

“Date Satay”. This is the Thai name for the Date Palm. It is a small palm-like fruit that is eaten as an alternative to other fruits in a traditional Thai meal. The outer skin of the fruit has a bitter taste that may be comparable to dates. When this fruit is tapped, it releases a foul-smelling liquid called “satay”.

“Date Nene”. This is the Malay name for the Palm tree that produces this fruit. Its bark and seeds are eaten raw or eaten together with sweetened water as an alternative to other sweets. This fruit may also be eaten cooked, although dates generally lose their crunching quality when cooked.

“Date Oyster”. This fruit has a soft rind like a pear. It is eaten either raw or eaten together with peanut sauce.